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Bitmessage promotional intro for newbies & mags

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promote BM !

Date: 04.08.2016 21:16:28 UTC
From: BM-2cUd1d32jwkQgNcLVtmFsmvAx8RhkyiSND
Part: 1/1


Bitmessage released an improved version 0.6 of its decentralized, secure messaging application for Linux and Windows and more OSes.

Bitmessage users are anonymous while exchanging encrypted messages of text, pictures or binaries. Bitmessage ver. 0.6 can communicate via tornet (socks proxy) for enhanced anonymity.

Currently, Bitmessage operates at 100 - 200 bitmessages per hour worldwide, which are being retained for a maximum lifetime of 27 days. This amounts to a messagebase size of approx. 50 MByte at all times. The Bittext feature allows for messages to be stored externally without this limit of expiry after 27 days.

About 100 communication channels (called "chan") are visible on the web (, onionsite : http://bm6hsivrmdnxmw2f.onion .
Users can create any number of additional channels, which are then invisible on beamstat. Users have the choice of either publicy announcing their new chan to attract contributors or of keeping that new chan private among a small group of participants.

Although Bitmessage is fundamentally decentralized, it also provides for "pseudo mailing lists" ("pml") which are being broadcast centrally by a single user to his subscribers. These pml can be manually protected from SPAM using a blacklist (banning individual senders) or whitelist or by demanding a harder "proof of work".

Bitmessage protects itself from SPAM by demanding a "proof of (computerized) work" which can be carried out in Python 2.7, C++ code or by means of Open-CL.

Bitmessage, started in 2012, is a highly popular open-source project on and was forked more than 370 times. The forks added interesting features such as a spamfilter or certain GUI improvements for faster reading asf..

Already, Bitmessage is being used as part of ZeroNet during authorization as well as by some forums and in other use cases.

To read and write bitmessages, a number of options as the graphical user interface are available:
PyBitmessage (the reference client implementation in Python ver. 2.7), a web interface called "BitMessageForum", Thunderbird or other e-mail GUIs as well as a text-based interface ("CLI"). Those who wish to use a different GUI via the Bitmessage-API can choose to run pyBitmessage in (headless) daemon mode, possibly using the "pypy" JIT-compiler for added performance.

Besides the main implementation in Python there are other ones available or are being developed, e.g. programmed in C++.


I guess if the text gets much longer, it will not be printed or will be shortened.


- Bittext integration
- Beamstat integration
- Peter Surda main man of v.0.6
- 370+ forks adding usability (search term "USEROPTION"), spamfilter, other goodies
- option to use Thunderbird or BitMessageForum as a GUI front-end
- API to post pictures or binaries
- daemon mode for pypy
- ...


nice try.

but u must include the method     to NOT appear on beamstat 

so ppl have control over whether or not their shitposting is on clearnet-web or not


Newbies! READ ME! (Bitmessage Primer)

Welcome to Bitmessage. These tips will help you get started.

# Security

* Bitmessage helps you to communicate privately, securely, and anonymously in a world of mass surveillance. Bitmessage is designed to hide your identity from eavesdroppers. It is also designed to thwart eavesdropping and prevent censorship.

# Chan(nels)

* Chans are like forums where multiple people can post messages and all messages are received by everyone who is subscribed to the chan.

* If you have multiple friends who will be using Bitmessage you can create secret chans to communicate. If you keep the chan name secret and choose a name that is hard to guess you can have a discussion forum with several friends. An example of a good format for a secret chan name is: BikersPrivateChat5@ or something really hard to guess like: BikerChat-55!@$. You can use any combination of keyboard letters and symbols you want except the '%' (percent sign). So even 0123!@#$+ABC would be a valid chan name.

Chan names are CaSe SeNsItIvE. Be sure to double check.

If you don't want the chan to be secret you can use a plain word or passphrase like: bikers.

To create/join a chan click on the 'chans' tab at the top of your Bitmessage window then click the 'Add Chan' button.

* A list of chans and past messages can be viewed at

* If you want to make a new public chan for everyone to access send a message with the chan name and address in the subject line to BM-2cUzsvYoNbKNNuDnJtdPVS2pbSHzNJyqdD. This will cause the chan name and address to be published on Once you publicly reveal a chan there is no way to hide it again.

* You can hide your identity when posting to a chan. To do this just make sure the chan address is in both the FROM: and TO: fields in the message composer.

# Broadcasts

A broadcast is like a mailing list. You send a broadcast from your chosen address (not a chan address, but a private address). Everyone who is subscribed to your address will get the message. Click the 'Subscriptions' tab to enter the address(es) you wish to subscribe to.

* A list of recent broadcasts can be found at

If you have advertised your broadcast address in a public chan then will automatically copy your broadcasts to its broadcast page.

* You can advertise your broadcast to [chan] broadcast <BM-2cUErU4PtsEJweFiitfHxqRnwfAxZRvko1>

# Private Addresses

You can create as many private addresses as you need. A private address is for one-on-one secret communication with another private address. Because it is impossible for someone else to spoof your private address a private address can also be used as a way of identifying yourself in a chan. If you use that private address to post to the chan, then other users will know which follow-up posts are from you and which are not from you. In a secret chan with trusted friends it is good to use a private address to post, which allows friends to enter a screen name for you and easily know who they're answering.

# Back Up Your Keys!

* If you lose your encryption keys you will no longer be able to access your messages. After you create chans, private addresses, and broadcasts, make sure to back up your keys file on a removable medium. To locate your keys go to the Bitmessage window menu and click 'File' -> 'Manage Keys.' A popup window will appear telling you the folder location of your keys.dat file. When you find this file copy it to a backup storage, such as a USB thumb drive. If your computer ever crashes, you'll be able to restore your keys from the backup.

* It is strongly recommended that you encrypt the backup drive with a strong password that you can remember.

# Message Filters

* Bitmessage allows you to filter messages using one of two options: whitelist or blacklist. If you use a whitelist, enter the addresses you want to get messages from. Messages from addresses absent from the white list will not be delivered to your inbox. If you use a blacklist, enter the addresses you *don't* want to get messages from. You are not required to use these features; they are there for your convenience and you can toggle them on or off at will. View the lists under the 'Blacklist' tab in your Bitmessage window.

# Getting Help or Information

Bitmessage main site:
Bitmessage wiki:
Bitmessage sub Reddit:
Bitmessage forum:

* You can subscribe to [chan] bitmessage <BM-2cWy7cvHoq3f1rYMerRJp8PT653jjSuEdY>. You can post bitmessage-related questions there.

# Text Art

* creates text art lettering that can be displayed in messages. The heading of this post was created using the fsymbols site. Since the Bitmessage viewer is a variable-width font figlet fonts won't work well but fsymbols lettering usually displays properly.



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