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super stealthy mode

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super stealthy mode to fuck NSA real hard:

I want to disable ack packets for my bitmessage address.
I do not want it to acknowledge any messages it receives.

I want 100% plausible deniability, so I broadcast from a nuked address like :


then my post cannot be attributed to me in court even if NSA copies my messages.dat

in keys dat, for individual ID or [chan] :

dotsendack =True

dontsendack = True



in the appropriate address section.


it's not suported by all clients

  so some senders may end up sending you a loop,

and you have to be online during all message TTLs,
  otherwise messages will get lost. And

you may have to wait until the next pubkey send for the effect to kick in
  for people who haven't contacted you/been contacted by you.

Peter Surda
Bitmessage core developer


dontsendack = True

not : dotsendack = True

the typo was fixed by now

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