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MX-16 is so much shittier than MX-15

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those guys went to some effort to totally fuck up mx16.

first impression is total shit.

the nice mx15 boot screen that gave u some feedback is killed. some shit text i/f without any F1 explanations took its fucking place.

what a shit boot screen.

compatibility is totally broken. u have to start from scratch with everything.

live USB is shit now. congrats, mofos. u achieved ure aim of fucking all users far worse than CRAPPYSOFT willows NT


sadly its far worse.

release image is pure shit. everything is missing from it. useless crap ISO.

boot system is the worst shit I've ever seen.


I'm done with shit MX.

just look at the release video where the guy is blabbering on about mirrors and all shit instead of confessing all the shit they made against the will of all users.

like replacing good things in MX 15 with shit in MX 16.

changing all sorts of program names and changing all file locations without any documentation whatsover.

guys, just stick with MX 15. itz all going downhill from there.


things u could do with a single F5 keystroke u must now hit the fucking keyboard a quadrillion time


congrats for being software morons !!!


these mx16 morons have no clue what they're doing.

predictably, they did everything wrong within their reach.

instead of having one rich bootscreen like in mx15,

u now must go through a shitty 500 step sequence where u have zero feedback and the screen is overloaded with tons of shit useless info. what utter crap.

dude, "shutdown function"  in fucking tiled win8.1 is more ergonomic than THIS shit.

You are here » The real - because just sucks. » MX-16 and KDE MX-16 » MX-16 is so much shittier than MX-15