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Standardize the message format in the header, with #TAG: subject

Stay in the same channel.

Do not fragment.

Exchange BM addresses for private messages.

Public broadcasts to the channel can be detected and blocked (if they control all the bitmessage nodes you are able to connect to).
Private BM messages cannot be blocked as easily.


#ORGANIZATION United: Method

Bitmessage has OP SEC

- no one can identify the posters

- no one can determine which poster is which (only that they are running bitmesage)

- they have to hack your computer to figure out which person you are

If you are behind Tor or VPN, you are fine - most vpns are run by NSA and govt - most Tor nodes are run by nsa and govt It still frustrates them, because they are run by different departments and the clinton group will have difficult time getting full access Except that the NSA/FBI/CIA all work for DSAC. Domestic Security Alliance Consel. Which is a private, public-partnership controlled by Rockefeller (Who backs Clinton and Soros). They moved all the data collection into the private sector. The whole government and NSA/CIA/FBI is cucked and controlled by oligarches and the ruling families who own the banks (FED) and media (NYT, CNN, etc). Its not even a government, it is just a corporation to keep the slaves under control for the owners. All of the real people, with real data are outside of NATO. So they can transmit to this channel and it will be difficult to block. This is a dissemination channel.



WikiLeaks MEGA Pack, all of insurance files in one torrent, 562.93GB in size:




Bitcoin Blockchain 2016-11-25

u can dwn parts only, very nice , 88 GB

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