The real - because just sucks.

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List of things that suck most in MX

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# 1    --    The std release missing tons of essential packages. What did these idiots think they do ?

# 2    --    documentation sucks. tons of unnecessary gibberish, but nothing in places where it matters most


that is true. The admins pissed off all the good developers. only the others remained with the project.


I mean why do they leave out

minstall   from  mx-tools ??

it is just so stupid !!


I installed mx a gazillion times.

it usually fails miserably unless u go foir the dumbest options conceivable

not supported by minstall:

gpt / GUUID


and much more


Many things on the forum sucks, but I recently even had problems with access. What makes sense to me to visit the forum after this? However, I started to use a proxy, maybe it's because of this. But I doubt it.


Yh this forum sucks im a developer  recently  created  a  forum i think youll like it and if you dont tell and ill try to correct   it


now antiX has joined the ranks of the fuckers and suckers

they reject good men upon registration already

sure the fuckers are not aware of this, but they are guilty nonetheless


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